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The Armadillo Customs team came together in 2020, to offer a fresh face and outlook for all their motorcycling buddies.

From years of mechanical and engineering experience and those many miles travelled around the world on and off road, they offer experience and especially sharing tales of journeys together and all the mechanical marvels they have learnt to build, repair, develop and be proud of.

They are a friendly bunch of passionate people who definitely love their bikes, quality garments and the intoxicating smell of coffee and petrol, at any octane level!

Whatever it is you need, from sharing ideas, building a bike, or getting new gloves – they’ve got you covered!

Bespoke Customisation

Armadillo Customs always has a range of stock bikes and frames available for customers to purchase to build every concept for your individuality.

Their rolling platforms are the jumping off point for your journey to owning a truly special machine.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, they’ll help you to work out what sort of chassis and Engine you like, modern or classic, 1 cylinder Single engine, inline engine’s, Boxer or V- Twin’s – they will work to find the perfect fit for you.

Even if you already have a donor bike and not sure of the next direction to take, or have all the ideas for them to build
by working with you to craft the machine that you’ve always wanted. Whichever way you chose to begin your journey they look forward to making your dream turn into your very own Armadillo Customs bike.


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For motorcycle servicing, storage, diagnostics and repairs – please contact Chris: 07985 661361

For bike gear or retail enquires – please contact Dom: 07517 725509

E-mail: /

Shop & Workshop location:

Blake House Craft Centre
Unit 15 ABC
Blake End, Rayne
CM77 6RA