History of The Copdock Show

Early in 1992 a small group of Classic motorcyclists were enjoying a drink in the village of Hadleigh, Suffolk discussing their favourite subject of motorcycles and motorcycling. Gradually the idea of showing their own collection of bikes emerged and to open the show to anybody with or without an interest in our chosen hobby.

From these humble beginnings this show is now considered by many, as East Anglia’s premier motorcycle show. The show’s success is attributed to its unique style with a broad-based interest for non-motorcyclists and enthusiasts alike. The show has a real family feel, with local residents, friends and relatives all pitching in to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

Founders of the East Anglian Copdock Bike Show

100% for charity, provided by volunteers who love motorcycling

The East Anglian Copdock Bike Show Committee

The show committee consists of 16 dedicated people with a wide range of skillsets, who provide their time and efforts completely free of charge.

The East Anglian Copdock Bike Show is now a huge event that is incredibly loved by all who attend year after year. The planning and administration is provided the whole year round, with the committee meeting every month setting up working groups so as to make sure that every detail of the show will be just right.

When it comes closer to showtime, the committee is joined by a small army of local volunteers. These people are the lifeblood of the show and represents what it means to be part of a biking community. So many will give their time entirely free of charge to make sure that we can put on the very best motorcycle show possible and raise vital funds for local charities and good causes.

Love motorcycling, love your community, help others

The show to date has raised over half a million pounds, which has been directly donated to local charities and good causes.

There is a long list of charities we support, but its also its about the smaller donations to people in need. Things like providing an electric wheelchair to a young man stuck at home or contributing to a family who are grieving and unable to afford funeral fees. Your buying a ticket and attending the show will help so many people.

We make sure the show is fairly priced so its accessible to all bikers, families, friends and anyone wanting to have a great day out. We also hand pick all the caterers so you get a brilliant range of food from around the world and also know that the providers are the very best you can find.

The bands and beer tents are first rate too, with Ady and Karen from the Dove Street Inn providing quality real ales from the cask, amazing lagers, wines, spirits and soft drinks at an affordable real world price.

What makes the show really special is the people that come every year. Some will bring their prized bikes to participate in “Best of class” awards, there are biking clubs who will always take a pitch, no matter the weather and who will always bring a friendly smile. And there are so many dedicated manufacturers, traders, dealers, caterers, year on year visitors and sponsors who love the show as much as we do.

Each year the show gets bigger, better and more fun. We hope to see you this year as its the one event you really should not miss!